Season 4 Winners

With the new name of the competition set and our biggest ever prize pool, the team from White Lotus took season 4 by storm. keeping their grasp on the top spot the entire season.


White Lotus E-Sports

Top - WL Fresh Burger

Jungle - WL Kairos

Mid - WL Fuji

ADC - WL Aetheric

Support - WL Daydreamz

Comp 1 (0-03-25-10).png

Season 3 Winners

Back before we were the GamesXP Championship we were known as Fight Fire with Funk (FFWF) and these fine gentlemen of Red Dusk Esports in their winning sombreros knocked out the rest of the competition and took the season 3 title.

Red Dusk Esports

Top - King of the North

Jungle - Mr Mountebank

Mid - KTA MId

ADC - Rozmar

Support - Slushy


red dusk e.png
Rozmar  from  RDE  in his winners sombrero

Rozmar from RDE in his winners sombrero

Comp 1 flipped(0-03-25-10).png

Season 2 winners


Elyon Gaming

Top - Synchogazer

Jungle - Arkaunnis

Mid - Frission

ADC - Astraues

Support - Philrip

Sub - Life is bad

Comp 1 (0-03-25-10).png

Season 1 Winners


Just Wolves

Top - SoulStoned

Jungle - BannerCross

Mid - PickUpSticks

ADC - Aclaren

Support - Support Main

Comp 1 flipped(0-03-25-10).png