No F's Given Vs Phoenix Rising

Tonight’s quarterfinal playoffs match between Team Phoenix Rising and No F’s Given will without a doubt make sparks fly. The teams teetering at 4th and 5th seed are looking to make one final clash this season and put a lot of rivalries to rest. I’m here once again to analyze the match and those playing to set the stage for our first quarterfinal clash.

Team Phoenix Rising (11-7)

Phoenix rising.png

Build a bot lane, and wins will follow. CanadianChamp set out at the start of the GamesXP season to draft a team that would take the tournament scene by storm, the steadfast jungler bringing his unorthodox picks and looking to build a team around him that could play off of his precise, often erratic ganks. Kaze64 and Neutrinx joined in the mid lane and bot lane role respectively, and put on stunning performances in their first weeks of debut. Aleskander joined the team shortly after, the mid laner moving Kaze to an unfamiliar home in the top lane. Eventually, the catalyst was brought in, and Darquesse finished off the roster, joining Neutrinx as the support for bot lane and starting a chain reaction of destruction as the Phoenixes would fly through the rest of the first half of the season. Eyes were raised and cases were made for the TPR crew to rise up and take the league by storm, that their roster swaps had finally come to an end and CanadianChamp had assembled the powerful team he was looking for. Sailing through the second half of the season has found the team on the rougher end of several losses, but an equally high number of crushing victories. The famous 15 minute win [notably delivered to the No F’s Given team] still reigns supreme as the fastest game victory that occured in the league, and struck a chord as the level of dominant aggression that the Phoenix Rising crew looks to touch their games up with. Establishing their core of 5 players has proven to be effective in every aspect, as every player has had numerous performances to demonstrate that letting them run free can be as deadly as anyone else. The surging confidence coming from Neutrinx since his debut in week 2 has never burned out, with the ADC taking on any challenge head on, facilitated perfectly by Darquesse’s arsenal of supports that have enabled and, at times, outright handed him the victory coming out of the lane. Aleskander has an impressive top lane record, flexing a versatility to the team’s needs as he has comfortably played both tanky and carry oriented top laners, giving his team outlets and avenues to victory through him as well as a perfect tool to team play. Kaze64’s mid lane play has been explosive to say the least; on top of playing numerous champions in the interest of outplaying and popping off on opponents, his performances very often have a make or break performance on the team. A player of high highs and low lows is always worth looking out for. The second half of the season gave the Phoenixes more than a number of fair beatings, but going forward they’re looking to band together and show the rest of the league they’ve got the fire to rise up once more.

No F’s Given (10-8)


Cast an anchor and your crew will come. Arrow exploded onto the GamesXP scene early on in the first half of the season, taking games for No F’s Given and absolutely slaughtering everyone in his path. The bot laner made a name for himself in everyone’s eyes, quickly ascending with an unmatched star power. It quickly became apparent that the team’s progress moving forward would be a task put squarely on the shoulders of the marksman. Laners came and went, a support was drafted through most of the regular season, and the team in large majority did their part to rally around Arrow and achieve victories near and far. Going forward into the playoffs, however, roster switches continue to chase the team all the way up to the end. Talking about the team’s consistency is near-impossible— aside from Arrow himself, only mid laner Big Brain Mid and jungler Hotty Williams are heading into playoffs with any games previously played under the NFG name. We’ve seen the Big Brain Williams duo make waves through various teams throughout the season; from Elyon Gaming to Furious Gentz, the duo has drifted to those in need, but the hour of duty has been called from No F’s Given for them to come together and put their synergy to the test. With the top lane role reprised from a fallen star by the name of Peji, the support-turned-tank looks to regain a good name after falling out from Impulse, a team disqualified from the league. Rounding out the No F’s Given crew, the support taking up the reigns in trying to reign in the fiery Arrow, we have Atlas e-Sports’ own Destiny. A notable player in several of the Atlas clashes that granted clear paths to victory for the team, Destiny stood out as a player that could perform alongside the best and take the role of playmaker by storm. Assembling this new crew right before playoffs is as risky of a move as we can see, but being bolstered by the veteran ADC we will see if a crew has come together befitting of the name No F’s Given, and if any F’s are left to give.

The Match

In the past, this has been a handy win for Team Phoenix Rising through and through. A pair of 2-0 victories in their favor have been the two clashes for these teams, with Neutrinx and Darquesse most notably smashing Arrow and the two supports he’s brought into the mix. Coming into this game, the roster for the side of NFG has changed and the camaraderie between the TPR crew has only grown as their roster stays solid. Whether or not this is a boon in the favor of NFG is up in the air; Big Brain Mid and Hotty Williams have had less than favorable matches on their previous teams, but we’ve yet to see the full potential for a team full of playmakers to really shine all in one setting. Keep an eye on the mid lane especially; Kaze64 and Big Brain Mid are both showmen of another class, and won’t be content with letting their bot lanes run with the game solo. Expect to see a clash. But of course, once again we’ll see a hyper-aggressive clash in the bot lane. Neutrinx and Darquesse hold the Ws over Arrow’s head, but we’ll see if Destiny has the smarts to bring the heat back up on the Phoenixes and swing a yet-claimed victory over the team’s head when it counts. The best of 5 series is looking to be a hot one.

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