Week 6 Power Rankings

Week 6, the beginning of round 2. Tons of rematches, tons of new rosters and new players looking to break into the scene and make their own stake at the claim as we head towards playoffs. How did it all break down and where are things headed? I’m here again to assess the current state of affairs and set the stage for an exciting next couple of weeks.

NOTE: Regardless of objective standings based on record, this article will attempt to rank the 10 teams based on their performance and potential taking the weeks into consideration and looking towards future weeks, based entirely around my (the writer's) personal opinion.

10. Atlas e-Sports (1-10)

Win vs Furious Gentz (2-1)

Loss vs White Lotus (0-2)


Atlas e-Sports looked to burst onto the scene and make moves from the bottom up. The fresh new roster looked to clean up the blemish the former team owning the slot created, taking on the Furious Gentz. Their debut game saw the team come out in full form; Hibiscus ATL and Destiny pulled ahead of the pack as they pulled out the Xayah/Rakan combo and dominated the game, with a strong single showing from the team’s owner, Slushie, on a Kindred jungle pick that kept the Gentz hunted and picked off with no way to fight back. After a rocky game 2, the team regrouped and headed boldly into game 3, securing the lovers’ duo that had shown them success in game 1. But the breakout performance in game 3 came from the team’s mid laner, Chibiterasu, pulling out an explosive performance on Ryze, carrying 40% of the team’s damage to champions while the rest of the team rallied together an ironclad defense, only dropping 9 deaths across the whole game to the Gentz as their top laner Fuzziiz would go entirely deathless on Gnar, scoring the set win. They would immediately turn heel from this match and had to face White Lotus next. Game 1 was a short written story, with the incoming team on the bad end of the knife as Katarina fell into enemy mid laner Fuji’s hands, taking control and opening up a heavy game 1 win. Game 2 was a valiant spark of life, with Chibiterasu back on Ryze and looking to do more of the work he’d put in last set, and Slushie shaking things up with his own Gragas jungle pick. Despite their best efforts, they could not crack the Lotus, and found a quick loss. Even then, Atlas e-Sports has shown to be a team looking to compete, giving us all a glimpse of the fire that they’re able to bring to even the most dominant team in the league. The future carries forward for the new crew as Red Dusk esports and SKIZM e-sports are next on their hunt.

9. Furious Gentz (2-9)

Loss vs Atlas e-Sports (1-2)

Win vs Red Dusk Esports (2-0)


The Gentz make slow moves towards progress, as Skylanceer and Hotty Williams hit the scene as the Gentz’ new top laner and jungler, respectively. The former brought a new kick into the top lane landscape, looking to bring strong damage dealers like Akali mixed into the standard Urgot and Mundo picks to shake up the competition. Hotty Williams came from his former team looking to bring his trademark early game pressure to a team that played off of the backs of headstrong players. Songless continues to diversify his mid lane pool while making sure to keep everyone wary of his kingpin champion pick. SCommander brought multiple strong performances in the first week of the second round before departing from the team, taking his talents elsewhere as his impressive showing looks to carry forward, while C9 5moothie brought the wind along the Commander’s sails until he also departed from the team. Rebel Fox has moved to the team’s support role, offering a much different enchanter-based pool of champions to the team rather than 5moothie’s frontline playmakers. Red Dusk being the win on their case is certainly impressive, and the win was more than convincing. Unfortunately, the team otherwise has been stagnating in their attempt to rally together, picking up Royal as their new ADC looking to stabilize a roster going forward. They take on SKIZM e-Sports and Purple Cobras next week, hoping to show that the Gentz’ roster can flexibly pose a challenge to whatever may come next.

8. Reign of Kings (3-8)

Loss vs Purple Cobras (0-2)

Loss vs No F’s Given (0-2)


The second new team to emerge onto the scene was the Reign of Kings. A team of seasoned players looked to converge onto the rift, outplaying and outmaneuvering anyone they came across. The Purple Cobras were their first match, with the team looking to take a stab near the top to make their mark. Unfortunately, the first match saw the team’s unfortunate ban phase hand Renekton over to the Cobras’ top laner, Synchogazer. The Kings were introduced to the reason the croc stays locked, and despite Unique finding an early lead on Akali, he was unable to shut down the team’s heavy weapon. The team adjusted bans and rallied together for game 2, with Unique pulling out an Orianna and Asaudeous rolling through the enemy bot lane on Kai’Sa. The team folded near the mid game as team fights quickly began to fall out of their favor, the game over time shifting into the Cobras’ favor after a 40 minute struggle. Their next set was against No F’s Given. Ajjat JG returned to his spot in the jungle and was able to flex his favorite Rek’Sai pick, the champion seeing its first game played in the league. The game stayed favorably in the Kings’ court for the majority of the time, but eventually NFG’s composition converged on them and shut them out from reaching the team’s star AD, Arrow. Game 2 dragged deep into the 45 minute mark, with the Kings once again building a strong lead, Unique pulling ahead on a powerful Lissandra pick as Asaudeous once again scoring a high KDA on his Ezreal pick. Overall, the team as a whole contributed a heavy amount of damage to the overall game, but No F’s Given brought together the last teamfight of the game to take the series. Reign of Kings overall has shown several flashes of individual play that suggest the team has what it takes to come together and make moves. Patching up their team play will certainly see the team improve in coming weeks, with still enough time to attack a playoffs spot. White Lotus and Full Send Gaming are in their sights next, with no signs of slouching in their schedule.

7. Red Dusk Esports (5-6) [-2]

Loss vs Team Phoenix Rising (1-2)

Loss vs Furious Gentz (0-2)

red dusk e.png

Red Dusk Esports continues on a downward spiral. C9 Cheesecake joins the team as the new ADC for their roster, but holes continue to get punched into the team set after set. The first match against Team Phoenix Rising saw a quick game 1 loss with the team unable to take a single objective. Game 2 saw the team bring a composition up together that stood on its feet, with yay yay 123 and ISmellAPig blowing up team fights from the get go with a combination of Zyra and Wukong, with KTA locking down fights on a Cassiopeia pick. Everyone on the team contributed a nearly equal amount of damage to champs, suggesting that the team was pulling together. Losing both of those picks going forward, the RDE bot lane regressed to a more defensive comp, with yay yay 123 pulling out Soraka for C9 Cheesecake’s Varus. The team quickly got overpowered by TPR’s bot lane, while not even KTA MID’s Akali could stop the surmounting powerhouse that came from the enemy top lane Irelia. The team looked to recoup their losses and took on the Furious Gentz, though notably under circumstances they would not have preferred. With multiple members not to be found and substitute players brought in last minute resulting in a loss of all of their bans, the shambles of the team could not put up a fight and quickly dropped the set. KTA MID and crew have stabilized out their roster going forward, but Atlas e-Sports and White Lotus are on the team’s radar next week; if the team is looking to get out of their slump, a turnaround has to begin now.

6. Full Send Gaming (5-6) [-2]

Loss vs SKIZM e-sports (0-2)

Loss vs Purple Cobras (1-2)

FSG steel.png

Full Send Gaming similarly saw a decline this week, with back to back losses against the strong teams they were looking to make a statement against putting them back in a hole. Their set against SKIZM e-Sports saw the team’s coach AM Trick join the cast, stepping in for Snypet in the ADC role. Unfortunately, SKIZM came out of the gate with gusto, crushing the Full Send team handily in game 1 and leaving little to be desired of game 2. The rematch with Purple Cobras was on the horizon, and the roster was back together going forward. Unfortunately, the issues coming to the forefront with the once-dominant team were becoming apparent; a proper ban phase picked the team apart and left them attempting to create new compositions on the fly. The Cobras had Full Send’s number, tearing them apart in game 1 with the team unable to put more than 6 kills on the board. Game 2 saw Left Hook Larry subbed out of the jungle, once again putting the team’s coach into the mix as AM Trick joined in the jungle this time. Snypet once again found himself on his Miss Fortune, with Mement0 and ChrizMeister coming up to bat and stealing the show with two of their clutch picks, crushing game 2 with Gangplank and Taliyah. Most of those picks were banned away going forward to game 3, with Snypet leading the forefront on his Miss Fortune again. Trick couldn’t rally the team on a Kindred pick, and the team inevitably crumbled, leading to their second loss of the week. To make matters worse, internal conflicts split up the team as ChrizMeister and PheenixDC left the main roster, with coach AM Trick also parting ways. The remaining roster will be looking to pick up the pieces from here, hoping to come out of their rut and get back into Full Send form. No F’s Given and Reign of Kings are their next challengers along the way.

5. No F’s Given (6-5) [+2]

Loss vs White Lotus (1-2)

Win vs Reign of Kings (2-0)


No F’s Given has been making a steady climb back upward in recent times. Arrow and crew shuffled up the roster once more, bringing in a new top laner in Harbinger1138, along with a new jungle pickup in EUROTAS SMASH. The roster would get put to the test immediately, as White Lotus was looming over the hill. Game 1 was an explosive start from the reshuffled team, with Harbinger making an explosive debut on Swain in the top lane, dealing 34% of the team’s damage and being an impenetrable frontline wall alongside EUROTAS SMASH on Trundle, clearing the way for Arrow to sweep the game with a 11/4/13 scoreline. With White Lotus on their back heel from a game 1 loss, NFG rallied forward, looking to take the behemoth down. Game 2 went much less favorably, with the team rallying to make an early game lead start up but finding themselves at the mercy of the Lotus’ bot lane, ending the game in a quick 27 minute finish. Game 3 saw another shift in picks, with Harbinger able to pick up his signature Urgot and JisforPenguin attempting to control the bot lane with a Brand pick. Both of them dealt a significant amount of damage in fights, but they lost to White Lotus’ avenues of engage, numerous fights starting off the death of an unprotected Arrow on Twitch, leaving him 1/7/6 as they dropped the set to the undefeated team. Their next game was against the new team Reign of Kings. Super Scyther returned from the FG roster to show up for the top lane this set, bringing a Shen pick that was clutch in keeping the team alive from ROK’s early aggro. At the same time, game 1 saw Arrow showing the Kings why his Varus is left on the ban list; he ended the game with 40% of the team’s damage dealt to champions and a 9/4/5 scoreline, clearing out a quick game 1 win. With bans adjusted to game 2, NFG came together and found a much more aggressive effort. Arrow took the stage on Lucian, running away with a 14/4/11 scoreline and the most damage dealt. Most notably this game was SlibberingDinus, though, coming up big in teamfights with several multi-man Yasuo ultimates to hold the enemy line down, dealing a colossal amount of damage when it counted, along with EUROTAS SMASH and JisforPenguin coming in with 85% kill participation scores, providing utility in every fight with Jarvan and Morgana. The NFG crew is most certainly strengthened going forward, and seeing them pick up the pace is a refreshing change from their initial slack in showing. Full Send Gaming and Team Phoenix Rising are next on their list, looking to solidify where the team stands — in the middle of the pack or at the top of their game.

4. Team Phoenix Rising (7-4) [-2]

Win vs Red Dusk Esports (2-1)

Loss vs SKIZM e-sports (0-2)

Phoenix rising.png

Team Phoenix Rising looked to continue their ascent this week, still on a tear and looking near unstoppable. Their first set against Red Dusk Esports was a back and forth battle that brought everyone on the team into the limelight. Game 1 was a breakout win for the crew, as CanadianChamp locked down the solo lanes to get Aleskander and Kaze64 rolling through, with Aleskander in particular on a destructive performance with Ornn, dealing 34% of the team’s damage with several multi-man ultimates that rang through the RDE crew without much of a fight. The solo laners went 5/0/7 and 9/0/2, not stopping from the word go as they opened the path for a quick finish. They looked to play off of the Ornn pick even further going into game 2, with Kaze64 picking up Yasuo and Neutrinx challenging the new RDE ADC with a Vayne pick. The picks would not end up holding up, however, as Red Dusk came out with more frontloaded damage than the crew could control, disappearing under the threat of a Wukong jungle and Zyra support that opened the team up. Game 3 turned heel again, with Neutrinx on Ashe and Aleskander pulling away from the tanks and running Irelia this time around. Aleskander dominated this game in full, wreaking havoc on an RDE crew that actually looked to make moves early, choking them out with a 9/1/8 performance and drawing full threat to leave Neutrinx safe in the backline to go 8/0/6 and run them down, bolstered by Darquesse on an equally safe Nami pick, running 1/1/14 and keeping the team topped off to blast through the game 3 win. Looking to carry the momentum into the next game against SKIZM e-sports, the team unfortunately found two of its members mia at the time. The subs jumped to line in the jungle and ADC spot, but the SKIZM crew crushed them outright. Even in game 2, where ADC substitute rallied together with Darquesse to pull ahead on a Draven pick, the team couldn’t keep it together. Holding a 7-4 record as they go forward, the Phoenixes are looking to cut their losses going forward and take their next week’s matches — Purple Cobras and No F’s Given — a memorable second round.

3. SKIZM e-sports (7-4) [+3]

Win vs Full Send Gaming (2-0)

Win vs Team Phoenix Rising (2-0)

Skizm Esports.png

SKIZM e-sports closed their draft on a great note, utilizing both a solid main roster and the power of very flexible substitute players. Carmony and backpack continue to be cemented as the bot lane to take on the world, as their performances remain in peak condition going into the set with Full Send Gaming. The team wiped the board clean in two back to back games, with the bot lane duo only dropping 6 deaths total between both games, showing off the duo’s constant give-and-take of Carmony’s fierce forward aggression and backpack’s protective, nearly savior-esque defensive supporting. Deelun held the mid lane all the same, proving to be a top threat with 2 deaths dropped total on his signature Ahri and an Orianna pickup. The set against Team Phoenix Rising was next, and Godyr turned up as the star to show this time around. Pulling his Graves jungle out both games, he topped in damage to champs and kill participation in both games, shutting down the Phoenixes in any early attempt to rally together, leaving them down the barrel of his gun and making a name for himself as the king of early beatdowns from the jungle. Maverick had an equally strong showing in the top lane, a pillar of consistency for the team as his Sion put up only 1 death and his Cho’Gath went deathless. The SKIZM hype is building, and the team is clearly putting their best foot forward now. The Furious Gentz and Atlas e-Sports are next in their warpath, but the stabilized roster of SKIZM is clearly showing it’s not to be messed with.

2. Purple Cobras (8-3) [+1]

Win vs Reign of Kings (2-0)

Win vs Full Send Gaming (2-1)

purp cobras 2.png

The Purple Cobras continue to lead the pack looking to take a strike at the top, picking up another pair of wins this week as their fluidity as a team continues to shine through. Their first match against Reign of Kings was a definitive win, as Synchogazer was allowed for perhaps the last time to play Renekton in the top lane against the unprepared newcomers in game 1, an overwhelming 14/2/5 performance to decimate the crew while they failed to reach the rest of the crew, held off by Big Brain Mid playing spoiler in the bot lane on a slippery Vel’Koz pick. Likewise, game 2 saw Frission get to play his Ahri in the mid lane, accompanied by an unconventional (but undeniably effective) Master Yi pick from Friction in the jungle. The team waltzed through to a 2-0 sweep over the Kings, looking to take out Full Send Gaming next. Once again looking to hold the win over the Full Send crew, the solo laners made a strong showing next game, with Frission on Ahri and Synchogazer brandishing a strong Poppy pick that topped damage to champions in the game, with the whole team only dropping 6 deaths in game 1. The solo laners had the script flipped in game 2, with power picks falling into enemy laners’ hands and constant roaming from enemy mid laner ChrizMeister keeping the Cobras reigned in. Game 3 left Ahri in Frission’s hands to keep putting in the work the mid laner is known for, but the show was stolen by Tomato Farmer, keeping Full Send kited and overwhelmed on an Ezreal pick. With 43,000 damage dealt to champs, a 8/2/10 scoreline with the highest kill participation on the team, the ADC led the team to victory to clench the series and shut Full Send Gaming out from claiming a win on them. Team Phoenix Rising and the Furious Gentz come up next for the Cobras, but with their roster back in tact and everyone flexing their skills to take the spotlight, they’re making a bold claim to take a spot at the top going forward.

1. White Lotus (11-0)

Win vs No F’s Given (2-1)

Win vs Atlas e-Sports (2-0)

white lotus w shaddow.png

Round 2 keeps a lot of things the same for the top team looking down. Going into their first set with No F’s Given, the team would adjust around new first round bans for the first time in a while. The heat was on Kairos to perform as his Sejuani pick was banned away, giving way to a Zac pick that looked to get the team running from the ground early, with Aetherial on Lucian and Fuji on Akali. They were shut down by NFG finding the aggressive openings, however, and on the back foot as the game progressed forward, dropping game 1. Heading into game 2, we saw Fuji need to depart from the set, bringing in the yet-unseen substitute mid laner, Novosis. On the back of this, game 2 turned things around, with Kairos shining hard on an Amumu pickup. Getting into the forefront of fights and setting up clutch ultimates for his team to follow through on, the team brought together a convincing game 2 win in only 26 minutes. Game 3 carried the Amumu forward, with Novosis bringing out an unorthodox Azir pick, bolstered by Fresh Burger delivering on Sion. The frontline bombs of the Lotus gave Aetherial free reign to let loose on Kai’Sa, taking the game and crushing NFG’s hope of breaking them down. Atlas e-Sports was next on their radar, with Fuji returning to the helm and the newcomer team uninformed on Fuji’s Katarina expertise. The mid laner obliged the pick, taking his too-often-banned Katarina and lacerating the Atlas crew up and down the map, stealing the show with 40% of the damage dealt to champions from the blade slinging assassin. Atlas looked to make a stand going into game 2, dragging the game out further and outmaneuvering the White Lotus members at some crucial points, but over time we learn that no one comes together quite like the Lotus crew, with team fights opening all around the map and heavy threats coming out from the solo laners; Fresh Burger flexing a Swain pick as Fuji found himself on a nimble Irelia to dart into the Atlas backline. With Kairos on Nunu to keep on flexing his newly-opened jungle roster, Aetherial and Daydreamz were free to close out fights on the Xayah/Rakan duo, closing game 2 after several full-scale teamfights in their favor. White Lotus looks as strong as ever moving forward, and their next matches against Reign of Kings and Red Dusk Esports look to continue to forge their victory streak.

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