Week 7 Power Rankings

The wind keeps blowing onto week 7, causing small ripples here and there but moving things forward nonetheless. Check out who swung things in their favor and see if any surprises are over the bend. I’m here again to assess the current state of affairs, as well as look at the way things are headed going forward.

10. Furious Gentz (2-11) [-1]

Loss vs SKIZM e-sports (0-2)

Loss vs Purple Cobras (0-2)


After weeks of rallying around their ADC Scommander, the Furious Gentz looked to steel their crew and move on with ADC Bruce Juice and previous sub Rebel Fox moving to the starting support role. The first set against SKIZM did the team no justice, scoring only 8 and 5 kills while being washed out in 23 and 19 minutes. The team shuffled up the roster going into their set with the Purple Cobras, moving Skylanceer down to support and Rebel Fox into the jungle, allowing new top laner Subjective Love to come in and tussle with the Purple Cobras’ star. Unfortunately, the team was denied bans this set, and handily met defeat against the Cobras’ favorite picks. Game 1 went by with the team only picking up 6 kills, and game 2, despite Songless taking Ahri away from Frission and finding some early plays, dragged on slightly longer with the same rough ending. The Gentz have a lot to shoulder going forward, with No F’s Given and Reign of Kings as their teams to play — with the former team potentially pitting the Gentz against their previous ADC.

9. Atlas e-Sports (2-11) [+1]

Win vs Red Dusk Esports (2-1)

Loss vs SKIZM e-sports (0-2)


Atlas made an upswing this week, finding a win from Red Dusk Esports. Finally freed from the ban list, Fuzziiz got to pull out his Riven in the top lane starting with game 2. He flexed his favorite pick and slowly surmounted a lead over the RDE crew while TheMajesticKiwi had a dominating performance on Lucian, shutting down the bot lane with the help of Destiny’s Alistar to run a 13/3/3 game and 38% of the team’s damage to champions. But the Exiled Blade would show itself again and come up big to play spoiler, with Fuzziiz’s Riven coming out explosively, backed by the defensive core of Pax au Telemanus on a Sejuani that’s been consistent throughout and Chibiterasu running Zilean for the entirety of the match. Ending the game at 18/4/7, Fuzziiz stole the show and struck an early blow to the heart of Red Dusk. SKIZM e-sports looked to be next in their warpath, with a hard rally in game 1 that looked to set Atlas up for a win. Chibiterasu and Hibiscus came together on hard-hitting Ahri and Xayah picks to nearly deal a combined 80,000 damage to champions, and after pulling through on 7 of SKIZM’s towers they were eventually defeated. Game 2 saw SKIZM’s bot lane run wild and the game came to a much quicker screeching halt for the Atlas crew. They look to pick up and run going forward, showing strong signs of life and promising to still be out for blood. They face Purple Cobras and No F’s Given next week.

8. Reign of Kings (4-9)

Loss vs White Lotus (0-2)

Win vs Full Send Gaming (2-0)


Reign of Kings began to pick up power this week. While an 0-2 loss to White Lotus normally looks like a cookie cutter tale, the Reign of Kings roster fought tooth and nail to give the top team more than a run for their money. Game 1 saw a breakout performance from Unique’s Orianna, finding several Shockwave ultimates into the heart of the Lotus crew to cause chaos. The team picked up momentum early but eventually were cut down, with crucial teamfights swaying out of their favor but still ending the game even in kills, 18 to 18. Game 2 was on the verge of heartbreak, with all the cards falling into the Kings’ hands. Asaudeous and Belthasar terrorized the entirety of the game, with the latter finding several clutch Thresh hooks and the former running a 17/4/21 scoreline through the game, dealing a colossal 50k damage to champions over the game’s course. Unfortunately, the team could not pull together for the final fight, and White Lotus took them down, with the Kings up 49 to 35 in kills. Their upswing began with a set over Full Send Gaming. Ajjat JG led the crew to a dominant first game 1 after a tooth and nail fight to the 42 minute mark, with the jungler flexing his aggressive Camille and leading from the jungle in damage dealt to champions along with an 11/5/11 KDA. He would go into next game with equal dominance, now on his prized Rek’Sai pick and tearing open the game with the help of Unique’s Lissandra. The pair would go 14/4/9 and 6/1/20 respectively, with Viater most notably going deathless across both games in the top lane on Garen. Team Phoenix Rising and Furious Gentz are next on their lineup, two victories the team will want to secure to attempt to make moves going forward.

7. Full Send Gaming (5-8) [-1]

Loss vs No F’s Given (1-2)

Loss vs Reign of Kings (0-2)

FSG steel.png

Full Send Gaming has been on the decline with the departure of their mid and support, made worse by the fact that the team has been finding losses before those departures as their team comps are being picked apart on the ban phases without adequate adaptation. Their first set against No F’s Given would show what the reformed team had to offer. Despite Snypet coming out of the gates with guns blazing in game 1, his 12/6/10 scoreline and 37,000 damage dealt to champions could not come out on top of NFG’s picks. Game 2 went much more favorably, with Left Hook Larry pinching early plays with his signature Pantheon pick, bolstered by new support Loose Asa Goose holding an 88% kill participation on a Nami support that was crucial to helping pick off stray NFG members. Unfortunately, the team got buried in the third game, with their bot lane crushed from the get-go and unable to recover. Their loss to Reign of Kings came with no silver lining, with even the new team adapting their ban and pick phase to pick apart compositions the team had been dominating with through the first round. The team is still looking to pick up their first win of round two; a tall order with White Lotus and Team Phoenix Rising as their teams to beat in the coming week.

6. Red Dusk Esports (6-7) [+1]

Loss vs Atlas e-Sports (1-2)

Win vs White Lotus (2-1)

red dusk e.png

Talk about an upswing. Red Dusk Esports was fighting for too long to find a win before this week. And even at the start, their match against Atlas e-Sports failed to deliver. New top lane pickup Virtual Trapp proved to be a boon; his aggressive Kennen pick in game 1 helped deliver a win alongside ISmellAPig’s trademark Kayn, the latter pulling ahead in damage to champs and ending 11/2/7. The following two games crumbled, unfortunately, under the weight of Atlas’ top laner on his trademark pick, freed from the banlist and running rampant on the RDE crew. Of course, after this game the team took on White Lotus. There are hardly enough praises to be sung about the crew to finally crack open the Lotus puzzle; game 1 was nearly systematic, with KTA MID on Cassiopeia and ISmellAPig bringing furious early aggression on Wukong jungle. Combined with C9 Cheesecake making a strong showing on Xayah, the team waltzed over a clean game 1 win. The solo laners would even continue to put out a startling amount of damage in game 2, showing they would not be turned and burned as easily as past competitors. The stage was open for C9 Cheesecake to return to his Xayah pick and bury the game with the highest damage dealt, most notably given clear openings to fight by Virtual Trapp finding explosive entries into teamfights on Kennen, backed up by KTA MID on a critically acclaimed Zed pick that occasionally wiped out threats in the blink of an eye. The win against White Lotus was beyond convincing for the revitalized RDE crew, and moving forward the team has finally put wind back in their sails. We will get to see if the team’s heavy blow will continue into an upward roll, as their roster next week includes SKIZM and Purple Cobras.

5. No F’s Given (7-6)

Win vs Full Send Gaming (2-1)

Loss vs Team Phoenix Rising (0-2)


Ups and downs continue for No F’s Given this week. A set against a struggling Full Send Gaming should have looked like a clean 2-0 for the team re-stabilizing their roster. The star of the show coming into game 1 was the returned-yet-returned-once-more sub, Super Scyther, this time debuting in mid lane as he conjured up a new style and dominated on Lux, pulling ahead with 41,000 damage to champions in the 41 minute game. Catching the bad end of early fights led to a very quick game 2 loss, perplexing for the crew as they moved to game 3. Thankfully, the team came together and, led by Arrow’s flagship Varus pick, the team handily won the series, with a very strong showing from the sub jungler Cleansing going 10/2/9 on a hellbound-aggressive Olaf pick. On the other hand, their set against Team Phoenix Rising was very lackluster in comparison. Super Scyther returned to the mid lane and performed well on Lux in game 1, with a solid 4/2/6 scoreline and the most damage dealt to champions across everyone in the game, but leaving his enemy laner deathless spelled a Kassadin running rampant on the team. Game 2 saw the worst performance from the group to date, with Super Scyther attempting to flex his signature Teemo pick and finding himself much more gankable in the mid lane; the team lost with 1 kill to their name in almost under 15 minutes. A flip flop week for NFG, with most of their substitute players rolling in this week. The team has picked up SCommander to their roster for another shakeup, and we will see how the move pans out next week as the team takes on the Furious Gentz and Atlas e-Sports.

4. Team Phoenix Rising (8-5)

Loss vs Purple Cobras (1-2)

Win vs No F’s Given (2-0)

Phoenix rising.png

Team Phoenix Rising looked to continue their climb, wanting to make their mark and strike Purple Cobras down from the second spot. Game 1 saw the team strategically shut down, with CanadianChamp unable to bring his Shyvana pick deep into a lategame fight and Kaze64 finding himself shut out of kills on his comfort Zed pick by Frission’s Malphite mid. Game 2 saw star power come from the TPR bot lane, with Neutrinx and Darquesse on a Tristana/Taric lane that led the team with 74% kill participation and only 3 deaths between the pair (11/1/6 and 3/2/14). Rocketing to a quick game 2 victory left the team in high spirits, but game 3 saw picks shift much farther away from the team. A 24 minute loss with only 6 kills going to the team saw them crushed under the Cobras’ boot, with several Blitzcrank hooks throwing the team into a tailspin. The team rebounded against No F’s Given, with Kaze64 stealing the show this time on his Kassadin pick, flexing a 10/0/11 scoreline and wreaking havoc on the NFG backline, with Neutrinx on Lucian bringing the heat as he scored an equal amount of damage to champs as the out of control mid laner. Game 2 kept the ball rolling as the team put Super Scyther’s Teemo out of its misery, rolling out one of the quickest wins in GamesXP’s history, destroying the nexus at 15:26. The team continues to show its fire, taking a back and forth set with a very strong team, but the following week’s will show if the fire can still blaze on. Reign of Kings and Full Send Gaming are in their sights next week.

3. SKIZM e-sports (9-4)

Win vs Furious Gentz (2-0)

Win vs Atlas e-Sports (2-0)


SKIZM continues their warpath going forward. Round 2 has been a major upswing for the SKIZM crew, marking another pair of 2-0 victories to secure their high rise to a top playoff spot. Every game was carried out with ruthless precision as well. Their set against the Furious Gentz was in and done in the time that some others have taken for a single game. Bestrin showed up as the team’s jungler for the series, taking the forefront of aggression from his predecessor with a Jarvan and Skarner pick, facilitating mid laner Stevenator in game 1 to explode onto the scene with Galio, while game 2 saw rising star ADC Carmony run wild for a sub-20 minute win on Tristana, scoring more than a kill per minute with a ludicrous 20/2/7 scoreline. Carmony wasn’t done by any means as the team went into their set with Atlas e-Sports. Alongside Bacon Dolphin joining in the top lane this series and leading the charge on a Kled pick, Stevenator rolled in on Zilean both games, with only 6 deaths between both games and putting out tons of bomb-induced damage as the team rallied. In game 1 they rallied together as massive frontline to disrupt and clear a path for Carmony to go on a rampage with Varus, holding a 12/5/12 scoreline and nearly 39,000 damage to champions in the 35 minute game 1. Game 2 was incomprehensibly explosive, with Carmony wearing his trusty Soraka backpack to get into the heat of things on Jhin and deliver a 22/2/5 game, with 39,000 damage (52% of the team’s damage) to champions in only 28 minutes as Atlas was kept firmly under the gun to clench the series. Two very definitive wins mark SKIZM’s week and they show no signs of letting up. The team looks to carry their crazy momentum forward as they take on Red Dusk Esports next week — accompanied by a showdown at the summit with White Lotus.

2. Purple Cobras (10-3)

Win vs Team Phoenix Rising (2-1)

Win vs Furious Gentz (2-0)

purp cobras 2.png

The Purple Cobras are certainly taking their second round in stride as their wins continue to roll in. Team Phoenix Rising was their first set of the week. The team looked to have TPR’s number on lock, countering them across the board as Frission sent a message to the Zed players of the league, calling on an AP Malphite pick in the mid lane to deny all of Kaze64’s aggression on the ninja and clear a path. Tomato Farmer very notably pulled Tristana away from Neutrinx’s hands and dominated on the gunner, pulling a 13/4/9 scoreline and jumping from spot to spot in several fights. Synchogazer continued to flex his dominance in the top lane on Sion, with an 8/2/13 to reflect Friction’s 6/3/12 on his comfort Jax pick in the jungle. The team looked robust in the way they picked apart TPR, but going into game 2 the team rallied hard, enabling a game of Pass The Trist that landed back into Neutrinx’s hands and blew the Cobras’ away from the get-go, and Frission on the bad end of Kaze64’s Kassadin coupled with continuous ganks from the enemy Amumu. Game 3 shifted the plan for the Cobras once again. Taking Amumu out of the equation gave the team some breathing room for Frission to once again take control on his Syndra pick, and Irelia was left off the banlist to give Synchogazer the reign to counter the top laner with an uncanny Garen pick. Pass The Trist continued with Tomato Farmer on the pick now, but the show was stolen by Desolate Earth in game 3, garnering the highest kill participation on the team as hook after hook found its way into the TPR line, leading the team to crush the Phoenix’s hope of rising up. The set against the Furious Gentz left them none the wiser, with their enemies using an emergency sub player and unable to ban. Synchogazer and Frission found their flagship Renekton and Ahri picks in game 1, with Tomato Farmer dropping shot after shot on Lucian to clean the game up in a 25 minute sweep and leaving the Gentz with 4 kills to their name. Game 2 was another explosive showing, with the team scoring 42 kills across 26 minutes, featuring Tomato Farmer on Caitlyn and Friction flexing a brutal early game showing on Lee Sin. A clean and done series for the Cobras moving forward, they look to move one step closer to securing a top spot. Atlas e-Sports and Red Dusk Esports are next on their lineup, two more names in line to take a crack at the ever-adapting roster of 5 that has taken on all challengers from the start looking as solid as ever.

1. White Lotus (12-1)

Win vs Reign of Kings (2-0)

Loss vs Red Dusk Esports (1-2)

white lotus w shaddow.png

Week 7 will be defined as the moment that enough cracks in the armor will finally reveal a weakness for the White Lotus crew. The first set against the Reign of Kings began the trend — the Lotus crew took quite the time to find their footing in the early game of game 1, kept on the backline by the enemy’s Camille jungle finding early kills on both solo laners and a surmounting lead that the team had to immediately answer and shut down. Of course, they did bounce back, and both Fresh Burger and Fuji turned their lane deficits into teamfight prowess, with the former scoring the highest CS in the game and opening several team fights with crushing Sion ultimates. The latter saw early kills handed over to enemy Orianna, but Fuji weaved into fights on a lightning Diana that carved a path and ran distraction for Aetherial to clench the game and go untouched in several fights on Xayah. Game 2 stretched out much farther for the White Lotus crew, and to speak truly they were playing from behind most of, if not the entire, game. Several fights came down to the wire with Fuji either alive at the end of the day or being the key point to picking off a key player, pulling out a Malzahar pick that terrorized throughout the game and ended with a staggering 60,000 damage to champions across the 47 minute slugfest, with the team picking and choosing their fights to win a game that they were down in kills — 35 to ROK’s 49. The unease wouldn’t be settled as they went into their set with Red Dusk Esports — Fuji would be replaced with their substitute mid laner Novosis for the first time in this set. The team was left to dry from the get-go, as Red Dusk pulled no stops in abusing the new mid laner with a Wukong jungle, with bot lane finding an equal beating from a hit-and-go RDE team that picked them apart for a strong game 1 showing. White Lotus rallied together in turn going into game 2, with Fresh Burger committing strong to his Aatrox pick in the top lane from the previous game, shouldering into the forefront of fights and coming out on top, holding a 10/3/9 scoreline on the winged fighter. With Novosis supporting the crew on a bulky Galio pick and Daydreamz playing guardian on Tahm Kench, Aetherial stepped up once again and gave the game a run and gun treatment, putting out 42% of the team’s damage on a 16/5/9 that tore up the Red Dusk crew’s attempt to take an early game advantage. Game 3 pulled the rug out from under them once again, as RDE pulled the punches back into their laning and put Novosis up against KTA MID’s Zed, keeping him under heel while the team collapsed under a thunderous mid game brought in by a top lane Kennen that locked the team down for the enemy Xayah to tear them up without a response. Only finding 11 kills in the 32 minute series of skirmishes, White Lotus were finally handed their first loss of the league — to a team that many spoke of having no chance, and with resounding wins in every lane to show for it. Humbled but headstrong, White Lotus will press on, carrying on with their near-spotless record. Full Send Gaming and SKIZM are to follow, with the latter on a high rise and making a heavy contention for the Lotus throne.

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